Great article, and the "fall" of Ravi Zacharias is an example of a lot of cognitive dissonance with our faith.

There's cognitive dissonance when it comes to Ravi. He apparently was a bad human who hurt people. Somehow, this was kept a secret until after his death; I doubt he was the only victimizer; someone else must have known. There's lots of horribleness in that story.

I'm not sure that invalidates Ravi's entire field. Apologetics is why I'm a Christian today. Rather than convincing me to become a Christian, getting a degree in apologetics cemented my understanding of why I believe in the empty tomb. This is what kept me from ditching my faith when life got terrible; when I couldn't rely on my list of amazing things the Holy Spirit was doing to convince me that I was walking hand-in-hand with God. I leaned on the one thing that mattered: the tomb was empty, and the only reasonable explanation is Jesus rose from the dead.

But, your comment about becoming a Christian and not living like one? I think our challenge is that after almost 2,000 years, we're still learning what living like a Christian looks like.

Again, great writing!

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